Welcome to the World of Cow Paddy Irish Fudge

At Cow Paddy Irish Fudge, we make Udderly Delicious real cooked fudge!

Our main ingredients are pure cane sugar (no GMO), butter, cream, milk and flavorings; and our fudge is cooked the old fashioned way that ‘candies’ the fudge. Many commercial types of fudge are low temperature mixes that get their consistency with palm oils; however, Cow Paddy Irish Fudge is cooked slowly (usually four hours) to naturally ‘set up’ to fudge consistency. It is truly “like grandma used to make.”

While our fudge is not ‘health food,’ we do make all of our flavors free of artificial flavors, artificial color, high fructose corn syrup, gluten and palm oils.

Our Flavors:

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Peanut Butter


Penuche (brown sugar with walnuts)

Chili Pepper Chocolate


Dark Chocolate/Peanut Butter

Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut

Vegan Flavours

(From time to time we add some seasonal flavors like Pumpkin)

We also are now making our “world Famous” * chocolate covered truffles.

*We figure they’re “World Famous”  ’cause some foreign tourist have been                                       buying them.

Cow Paddy Irish Fudge is distributed by direct point of sale at local farmer’s markets and festivals. Local delivery can be arranged. We make our famous Truffles for parties and other special occasions. We offer special quantity pricing, and delivery can be arranged. Call or Email for details.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World of Cow Paddy Irish Fudge

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  2. Your fudge is the best! I’ve been looking for fudge like my mom would make. With chocolate, sugar, butter, vanilla… YUM!! I only wish I lived in Florida so I could get it whenever I want and not just when I visit family.

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